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Vesna Koteska | Personal Assistant

From a young age, Vesna has had a fascination with the law. Throughout high school, she continued to develop her enthusiasm, striving for success in her studies. Vesna’s dream of becoming a lawyer was realised when she was offered a place at Latrobe University Law School. Her passion for the law has grown whilst studying at university and her horizons grow ever wider, as she continues to gain practical and theoretical knowledge. 

Boutique Lawyers has given Vesna an amazing opportunity to obtain knowledge, skills and experience at the coalface in the fast paced environment of building, construction and civil litigation. In the busy legal offices of Boutique Lawyers, Vesna is a creative problem solver who is intelligent and able to adapt and respond to any situation. On her days off she cannot resist a nice day at the beach, a plate full of gourmet food or an arm full of shopping bags. Superficial? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.