How We Choose Our Clients

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We are a small, boutique law firm.

That means we don’t work with everyone who walks through our door.

100% Focussed

We want to make sure we have the time to focus 100% on your needs to provide outstanding quality of service. 

We work with people who meet the following criteria:

  • Homeowners, builders, owner builders, owners corporation,property developers, business owners or individuals who need advice or representation
  • Builders, owner builders, homeowners, developers, owners corporation, business owners or companies who have a contract or property dispute, a debt owing to them,and insurance matter, who are buying or selling property or have a building dispute.
  • Builders, business owners, companies, homeowners, owners corporation or property developers who are entering into a Domestic Building Contract or who have entered or terminated their Domestic Building Contract, have a building dispute, debt outstanding to them or a property or insurance matter.
  • Builders, homeowners, owners corporation, owner builders, business owners, companies or property developers who wish to obtain legal advice in relation to a dispute they may have, obtain advice on a contract, protect their interest and property, have a debt matter, building matter or property matter.
  • Builders, homeowners, owners corporation, owner builders, companies, business owners or property developers who are good, honest people who we can represent with pride.
  • Individuals who are owed money, wish to right a wrong, have their interest and property protected or have a contractual or partnership dispute.