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Important Advice from Building Contract Lawyers in Melbourne

Building or renovating a home is exciting, whether you’re the owner, the builder,  owner builder or a property developer. Everyone involved wants to have the work done on time, done correctly, and done within budget. Sometimes achieving three things comes down to the contract—its in the contract where the project is defined so everyone is on the same page. Boutique Lawyers will help you check the terms and specifications in the contract so that everyone has the same expectations from the outset so as to minimise any disputes.

Because we’re a team of dedicated and focused building contract lawyers with decades of combined experience with the Melbourne building industry, we’ve seen just about every possible variation on contract terms and conditions. We can translate your contract into plain English, and let you know just what should be happening at each stage, or draft conditions to protect your interests whether your the owner or the builder. If you encounter any issues, we can communicate with the other parties on your behalf and ensure that a fair solution is reached as quickly as possible.

To discuss your upcoming building project, building contract  or existing matter with one of our building contract lawyers at Boutique Lawyers, call us on 1300 556 140.

Why do you need legal counsel when building contracts are standard?

Because even standard contracts may not be in your best interest.

To protect yourself or your business, you need to make sure you’ve got all the right documents, terms and specifications in your Contract to avoid disputes.

The law is always changing, whether your an owner, builder, owner builder or developer, we will educate you on the law so you are aware of your rights and how to exercise them ( or how to spot an unfair dealing).