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Boutique Lawyers are proud to offer our clients fixed price  for value legal services by special arrangements. We understand that you are already in a vulnerable situation, and need to keep control over the expenses associated with your dispute. We see it as our responsibility to help you do this.

Our fixed fee model  for value means we focus on the fight and not on the hours billed.

What does ‘fixed fee legal advice’ really mean?
‘Fixed fee legal’ means a set, all-inclusive fee for the resolution of your matter. It covers all of the time we spend meeting with you, researching solutions, communicating with the other side, and drafting documents. It also includes other billable items, such as photocopying, printing and search fees. Basically, instead of getting a long and confusing itemised bill, you get a single invoice that’s simple and fair.

Depending on the nature of your matter, it may or may not include expenses such as filing fees or barristers fees. We can discuss this with you during our initial meeting.

Why is this better for clients than a per-hour charge?
There are many reasons why this type of arrangement can be more beneficial for clients. Firstly, it’s predictable and upfront. This allows the client to make fully informed decisions with confidence. Secondly, it helps ensure you don’t have to choose between a successful outcome and a legal bill further down the track; your expenses will be kept under control. Thirdly, it makes services more accessible for clients; whether you’re a homeowner, owner builder, owners corporation,  builder or a property developer, you deserve access to quality legal services at an agreed rate for value.

How do I found out how much a matter will cost?
As fixed fee lawyers for value, litigation, contract, property and building and construction lawyers, we can only provide a quote after we have met with you to scope out the level of service you require, including action that may be taken to reach your goal. The first step is to contact us now on 1300 556 140 to make an appointment. Your first half hour is free, so it costs nothing to find out what your options are and how much legal action will cost.